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This Year In Review

November 2016

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2016 has been SINC's busiest year yet! We want to thank all of our members, partners, and supporters for everything you do to keep our mission moving forward.

While we want to recognize all of this year's highlights and accomplishments, we take particular pride in convening our first logistics tech working group, launching a new workforce partnership with Accenture and Chicago City Colleges and hosting our first ever Logistics Ideas Exchange Forum & Happy Hour.

One of our primary functions is not only to raise awareness about the region's supply chain challenges, but to do something about them. This year SINC has undoubtedly been achieving this goal by taking a lead role in closely working alongside Metropolitan Chicago's public & private sector leadership.

With your support, we are looking ahead to meeting 2017's challenges by continuing to connect, convene, and collaborate with industry's best and brightest.

Recap of Logistics Ideas Exchange Forum
Big thanks to everyone who made our first ever Logistics Ideas Exchange Forum possible earlier this month! The beautiful weather and Cubs' historic victory made it even better.
We also want to thank our sponsors again: American Eagle Logistics, Barcoding inc, C&K Trucking, Carmen Rossi, Chicago Workforce Funder Alliance, Emerson Collective, Huntington Bank, Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association, Oxcart Permits, RBS Finance, ReLoad, Strategic Systems International, UPS and Hubbard Inn for hosting our Happy Hour.

Attendance was well represented with trucking firms, logistics providers, distributors, and industry consultants. Discussion was predominantly focused on upcoming government regulations on trucking firms, potential business impact of increased transportation spending, and pointed concerns about the freight market. 

Based on the high-rate of positive feedback, we wish to continue offering such programs in the future. To best serve you, please feel free to give us any suggestions for topics, speakers, or ideas that you want to hear about. Send your comments to


"Beyond Traffic" FHWA Roundtable
On August 25th, SINC, along with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), hosted the U.S. Federal Highway Administrator, Gregory Nadeau and his staff, for a conversation-driven roundtable intended to address the future needs of our nation's freight system.

The Chicago roundtable was one of several nationwide events that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is convening--called "Beyond Traffic"--which includes participation from highway users, developers, owners, and operators of the transportation network.

SINC's own Debbie Halvorson was later featured in a national US DOT webinar speaking to the importance of having a well-planned and regionally connected freight network in order to seamlessly move goods and maintain the region's competitive economic edge.


TD&L Taskforce Meeting
SINC Director Debbie Halvorson went to Springfield on October 11th to participate in the Illinois Workforce Innovation Board TDL Task Force, which was created by Governor Rauner in the interest of addressing the widespread truck driver shortage and retention problem. 

Some ideas that came from the meeting were: 
•    Implementing industry best practices 
•    Offering incentives for retention 
•    Creating a mentoring network 
•    Providing management training for interacting with drivers

This working group will continue to meet through 2017 with the intention of recommending tangible solutions for the State to implement in partnership with industry. If you have any ideas to share or have general interest in this group, please email


Happy Holidays!

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