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The Supply Chain Innovation Network of Chicago Names Debbie Halvorson as Executive Director

Former Congresswoman and Current President of American Eagle Logistics Will Lead SINC

Chicago, IL – The Supply Chain Innovation Network of Chicago (SINC) names Debbie Halvorson as its executive director.
An experienced transportation executive, Halvorson has served as the president of American Eagle Logistics for over five years. Prior to that, she served in the U.S. Congress. From 1997 to 2009, she served in the Illinois State Legislature, which included four years as Illinois Senate Majority Leader. The relationships she developed in the political and business worlds have played a role in Halvorson’s success as president of American Eagle Logistics, which SINC believes she can parlay into success as its executive director.
“I’m pleased to welcome Debbie to the SINC team,” said Doug Waggoner, who serves as the chairman of SINC’s board of directors as well as the chairman and CEO of Echo Global Logistics, a third-party logistics provider headquartered in Chicago. “She has a savvy political mind and strong leadership background. I believe in her new role she will be a valuable advocate for transportation and logistics companies.”
As SINC’s executive director, Halvorson will work to stimulate regional economic development and business growth in the logistics industry. She will collaborate with the private sector and with political leaders to accomplish SINC’s goal of building Chicago’s status as the leading logistics hub of the U.S.
Halvorson has a Master’s degree in Communication and Training from Governors State University.
Debbie can be contacted at
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