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The Supply Chain Innovation Network of Chicago

by Paul Fisher, Chairman, CenterPoint Properties

I have been interacting with leaders in the Supply Chain industry for
more than 22 years, and I am only just beginning to realize how
fundamental this complex industry is to the future of Chicago and the
nation.  For the past year, under the leadership of World Business
Chicago, a few business leaders have been engaged in determining the
best strategies to ensure that our region retains and expands our
competitive edge as a transportation and logistics hub.

We have determined that the business leaders who converge around this
hub need a voice, and are best positioned to take control of our
collective future.  The Chicago region is known across the country as a
leading supply chain hub, and our strength in transportation and
logistics continues to feed the growth of our manufacturers and
distributors.  But those of us who live and work here often are so busy
working with our customers across the globe that we forget to focus on
the regional assets that can help to grow our companies and keep goods
moving efficiently in and out of Chicago and across the nation.

The Supply-Chain Innovation Network of Chicago (SINC) brings
together all parts of our supply chain – from shippers to technologists
to manufacturers and others – to make the Chicago region the best place
to grow our businesses.  As business leaders, we have an interest in
coming together to address shared needs; SINC is ready to provide a
forum for proactive strategies and solutions for growth. The Mayor and
World Business Chicago agree that working together, this community of
diverse businesses is best positioned to help our industry grow, and we
are delighted that they have agreed to house SINC during its early phase
and look forward to fruitful collaboration.

Because of our region’s transportation and logistics assets,it should
surprise no one that we handle more freight, inbound and outbound, than
any other region in North America.We need to aggressively protect,
enhance and leverage these legacy advantages to secure and grow our
position in an intensely competitive global economy. We have something
the “other guys” don’t; it’s foolish for our region not to maximize
these strengths to drive economic growth and jobs.

The proof of a good idea is in how many others agree.  I’m delighted
that companies like BNSF Railway, Carry Transit, DSC Logistics, Load
Delivered Logistics, National Materials LP, and Rand McNally have
already signed on to lead our new organization.

SINC’s goals include improving the efficient movement of goods
throughout the region, and developing collaboration, innovation, and
talent needs of local companies. For our first year agenda we are
considering piloting an off-peak hour delivery incentive program, and
developing a mentorship program for supply chain startups that will
allow for innovation in the industry, and we are seeking other exciting
ideas from you, our colleagues in the business community. The
organization will also strive to make meaningful connections between
private business and other sectors with a significant influence in the
supply chain community.

I hope that you share our vision of improving the supply chain
industry of Chicago and that you join us in growing this essential
sector of the economy. For more information on membership please visit
our website at or reach out to us by email at

Paul Fisher
Interim Board Chair, SINC
CEO of CenterPoint Properties

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