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SINC Seeking Chicagoland Business Representation on Streamlined OS/OW Truck Permit Steering Committee

Over the last eighteen months, SINC has been championing private sector desire for region-wide implementation of a streamlined OS/OW permitting process.
With over 300 entities of local government in Illinois’ northeastern seven county region that have permit authority, SINC recognizes the burden to trucking companies of fully complying with the many different fees, regulations, and ordinances that slow daily operations for OS/OW trucks. Consequently, receivers of goods also suffer added costs and delayed timelines.
SINC acknowledges the complexity of this effort and is therefore forming a Steering Committee that consists of directly affected businesses that can provide guidance towards developing an informed and pro-business solution to this regional initiative.
Fortunately, all seven elected county executives and the City of Chicago concur with the private sector and tasked their highway departments and chief engineers to engage in this project.
The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) also agrees and approved a $250,000 contract in June for Cambridge Systematics to establish and evaluate a baseline assessment of the current status and approach to OS/OW permitting in the region.
Moreover, research--commissioned by SINC--indicates that creating a more efficient and streamlined permitting process will bring tangible economic benefits to both individual businesses and government entities.
Ultimately, successfully achieving a streamlined OS/OW process in Chicagoland will likely bring about momentum for further implementation in Illinois and possibly serve as a model for other regions across the country.
We are excited about current progress, but we need the knowledge, perspective, and input of the private sector to bring about meaningful change.
If your company is interested in joining the Steering Committee, you can read a more detailed description here of what your participation entails.
For any other questions, or to express your interest in this ongoing effort, please contact Doug Whitley, Executive Director by email or 312-802-8005
Thank you and we look forward to reporting more progress in the near future!
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