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Load Delivered Logistics - the value of SINC

by Robert Nathan, CEO, Load Delivered Logistics

Robert Nathan
Robert Nathan

Growth and innovation in Chicago have always been important to me. As
a fourth generation business owner, I grew up with the mindset of an
entrepreneur and have experienced how city-wide initiatives can
positively affect private businesses and the people of the city. I
co-founded Load Delivered Logistics in 2008 because of my passion for
the supply chain and technology.

In early 2013, I was approached by World Business Chicago (WBC) and
was asked a very simple question: we are working with the City of
Chicago and local business leaders to build the future of the supply
chain industry in Chicago; how can you help us achieve that goal? Two
weeks later, a group of Chicago logistics leaders and I were hosted by
Michael Sacks (CEO, Grosvenor Capital) and Glenn Tilton (Chairman,
Midwest – JP Morgan Chase) to discuss the launch of the Supply Chain
Innovation Network of Chicago (SINC). Our meetings involved discussions
on innovation, technology, infrastructure, and job creation. It quickly
became clear that the supply chain sector in Chicago needed a forum to
blend our passions and knowledge to spark innovation.

For me, SINC is an important catalyst to building the future
logistics ecosystem of Chicago, one that brings together every link in
the supply chain – from manufacturers to transportation providers. It
enables industry leaders to focus on issues that are facing all citizens
of Chicago, whether it is infrastructure or commerce. SINC allows me, a
private business owner, to get involved with public issues that can
help shape the future of our city.

SINC has given me and other industry leaders a forum to take action,
increase GRP, and bring jobs to the area. Together, we aim to ignite our
sector’s start-up environment, increase collaboration, and make Chicago
a hub for supply chain and logistics. SINC is working toward that goal
by proactively bringing together a team of industry experts to examine
our current environment and develop ways to expand upon it.

I am confident that SINC will continue to foster Load Delivered’s
collaborations with other local companies. Creating a stronger supply
chain ecosystem will nurture a stronger environment for our company –
and our industry – to continue to grow.

If your organization is interested in taking part in advancing the
supply chain industry in Chicago by becoming a member of SINC, please
visit our website at or contact us at

Robert Nathan
Board Secretary, SINC
CEO of Load Delivered Logistics

originally posted Dec 5th, 2013

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