• SINC is

    Chicago’s first Supply Chain Leadership Council, SINC seeks to improve the efficient movement of goods to stimulate regional economic and business growth through improving infrastructure, developing people, advancing technology, and attracting capital.


    SINC is pleased to collaborate with the region's private sector and political leadership to make Chicago the preeminent logistics hub in the U.S.

  • Vision

    As a select group of executive leaders

    dedicated to achieving tangible results,

    SINC will leverage

    public policy, collaboration,

    awareness building, and business programs

    to make Metropolitan Chicago:


    The supply chain epicenter

    of the United States and globally

    A national leader in goods movement,

    logistics innovation and advanced manufacturing

    A hub where local supply-chain businesses

    will exceed national growth rates

  • Initiatives

    Streamlined Permitting

    for oversized/overweight vehicles throughout Chicagoland.


    Loyola Quinlan School of Business Study (pdf)


    Boston Consulting Group Study (pdf)

    Off-Peak Delivery Coordination

    for shipping of goods during periods of less congestion


    Potential for Off-Peak Delivery (pptx)

    Workforce Development


    in technology and finance for the transportation, distribution, and logistics industry

  • Membership

    SINC’s Board of Directors is comprised exclusively of owners and senior executives of private sector TDL companies or businesses serving the supply chain.


    In addition to Board status, other companies help finance operations and programs by making contributions. The level of financial commitment resides with the discretion of the individual company.



    If you wish to become a member or have specific questions regarding membership, please contact      



  • Board Members


    Michael Chiappetta, Director

    Rafi Al-Amin, COO

    Founding Member

    Jim Blackmon, President

    Founding Member

    Ann Drake, CEO

    Doug Waggoner, CEO

    Robert Nathan, CEO

    Yusuf Ozturk, CTO

  • Partners

    SINC partners are non-profits, educational institutions, industry trade associations, and governmental bodies that have interest in the transportation, distribution, and logistics industries. 


    Partnerships are mutually beneficial, collaborative agreements for raising awareness of effective supply chain practices and policies, developing superior talent, and promoting information sharing.

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    Your headquarters for the latest news regarding Chicago’s Supply Chain Innovation Network!

  • Events

    hosted by our partners, professional organizations, and educational institutions.

  • contact us

    If you have any questions or suggestions:

    177 N. State St, suite #500
    Chicago, IL 60601
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